The Best Diet

What’s the best diet? Atkins? Keto? South Beach? Goldfish?

None of the above.  In fact, every diet is the worst diet!

“How can you say that?  My cousin lost 35 lbs by eating only raw vegetables!” I hear you say.  Good for him.  But ask that cousin a year later what his weight is.  Or five years later.  Chances are there will be an excuse: “My kids just wouldn’t eat raw kale and celery, so I gave up.”  Imagine that.

I hate diets.  Specifically, fad diets.  They work only in the short term.  But once you get tired of surviving on peanuts and meal supplement shakes, you’ll give up.  That’s because it’s not sustainable in the long term.

Being on a diet has the implication that at some point you will not be on a diet, that there is an end to it.  As if one day you can just go back to your bad eating habits, and all the work you’ve put in up until that point will magically persist.  Every diet is a yo-yo diet.

Eating well is more than just dieting – it is changing your eating habits and conditioning your mind to associate donuts with heart disease instead of pleasure and good eats.

It’s about moderation. Special event, like your daughter’s birthday?  Afford yourself some cake, even if only half a slice.  Just ran a marathon? Go ahead, drink a beer or two.  These things won’t kill you, as long as it’s done in moderation.  Find your balance.

To make it easier to find your balance, we’ll be adding an app to this website soon that will calculate your dietary needs according to your lifestyle. Put in your height, weight and age, and you’ll get a customized daily intake recommendation of calories, protein, carbs and fats.

Stay tuned, things are getting exciting!

Let’s do this!


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