Hello 2017!

There’s an old dad-joke:

Q: What’s the difference between a hippo and a Zippo?
A: One is really heavy and the other is a little lighter.

Eye-roll. Heavy sigh. Slight smirk.

Every new year, we all have our resolutions. A lot of people want to make this the year to go from Hippo-to-Zippo – or at least be a little lighter.  I am starting this blog to help myself stay on track and hopefully inspire other dads to get more fit and healthy.

I’m not a fitness expert or a nutritionist. Ten years ago in what were supposed to be my prime years (20s), I weighed 215 lbs and my BMI was over 30, which put me squarely in the “obese” category.

Then my life completely changed – my first daughter was born three years ago.  I realized life is short as it is, and I didn’t want it to be cut even shorter by poor eating choices and a sedentary lifestyle.  My daughters deserve better.

Since then, I ran one full marathon, two half-marathons, and many smaller races. I regularly exercise and play sports. Even though it’s time not spent with my kids, it’s an investment that will pay off in the long run. At my fittest, I weighed 164 lbs, well in the “normal” BMI range.

Today, I weigh 174 lbs with a BMI of 24.8, just barely above the “normal” BMI category.

Clearly, there is work to be done.  And we’re going to do it together.

Let’s do this!

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