2017 Pasadena Half-Marathon Complete!

The mix of little preparation and cold and rainy weather made it a pretty challenging run. But I beat my previous PR by a minute and 36 seconds at 1:53:00 flat.

It’s 3 minutes short of my goal – I’m still happy even if not satisfied. The hunt for a good time keeps me improving.

The best part is my kids calling me to yell “Go Daddy, Go!” If I didn’t just finish the run, that would’ve given me a nice boost.


My original goal was to follow the 1:50 pace-setter. Right out of the gate, rain was invigorating and I maintained an unusually fast pace, at around 5:00 min per km (and even under 5 min on some stretches).  I ran way ahead of the pace-setter and almost caught up with the 1:45 pacer. “Wow,” I thought. “I’m not only going to beat my record, I’m gonna crush it!”

And then 14K it happened. The Wall. I even had to stop because I got stitches in my sides. I saw the 1:50 pacer pass me and I hopelessly, stupidly tried to pick up my pace which lasted for about 200m. My feet felt like lead.

I ended up taking a shot of GU, some gatorade and water to wash down the nastiness, and surprisingly it perked me back up enough to finish the race under my previous PR.

What Could I Do Better?

Mainly, it was the lack of training and being unprepared physically.  I also pushed way too hard (again!) in the beginning. Overconfidence, in a word.

Things I Did Well

I ate well, carbo-loaded the entire week up to the race and made sure I got at least 7 hours of sleep.  I always stretch plenty, and, having a delay at start, it was a great opportunity to warm up more.

Going into the LA Marathon, I know what I need to do: train more and run slower in order to finish faster.

Let’s do this!

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