2017 LA Marathon Training Schedule

The LA Marathon is just one week away. I’ve worked hard to get my running distance in, but admittedly, I was not 100% committed.  It’s difficult to be with 2 young kids, another on the way and no outside help.  There is always something that comes up, something that eats away at my running schedule, and even self-sabotage (diet or laziness).

But my wife is very supportive and understanding, and I got through the 20-mile run in about 3.5 hours a few weeks ago.  Not terrible, but not great either.  I couldn’t have done it without her support – I don’t mean just “letting” me go run, but actively encouraging me and telling me not to quit when I feel disheartened when I missed what I thought were too many workouts.

It’s all about long-term planning. About a quarter through the Marathon Rookie schedule, I realized there are four runs in a week, two of which are completely inconsequential.  What I mean to say is, there is really no strain or struggle, just a “going through the motions” kind of workout.  These are workouts that are designed to just keep you in shape, but don’t really offer much else.  And besides, that much running and that kind of running is boring.

So I switched it up. I biked to work two days a week (10 miles each day) and played competitive league soccer one night a week.  I still ran twice a week: one really long run, and one really short – but fast – run. We shall see how this works out.

Here is my 16-week marathon training schedule, very loosely based off of the Marathon Rookie training schedule:

  • Monday: 5 km run
  • Tuesday: Bike 16 km twice a day (32 km total)
  • Wednesday: Soccer
  • Thursday: Bike 16 km twice a day
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Long run (increased each week until the 20-mile run)
  • Sunday: Rest

As you can see, that’s a lot of working out. I haven’t lost any weight, and if fact gained some.  Probably due to my now-massive quads weighing me down.  But in all seriousness, diet is the key to everything and I still haven’t learned how to control it.

Also, I did not always hit these targets.  Sometimes soccer was cancelled due to bad weather. Sometimes I couldn’t bike. Hell, there are some weeks (like this week) where I only put in two or three runs.

The important thing is to stay active and try to at least hit the long runs.

I’ll find out next week how well this strategy worked.

Let’s do this!

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