2017 Apple Valley Reverse Triathlon

Venturing out into new territory can be exciting. The 2017 Apple Valley Reverse Triathlon gave me an opportunity to get my feet wet (ha!) with a triple event: running, biking and swimming. All in all, it was really challenging, but also really fun especially having support from the whole family.

There is a huge difference between running and triathlons. For one, the community seems much friendlier, probably due to everyone being so relaxed. Breaking up physical activity into multiple events is a great way to calm the nerves and not let your mind burn out thinking about just one event. This picture, one hour before the event, summarizes the relaxed mindset quite nicely:

One hour before the race, I was one of the first ones there. At a running event, the whole stadium is packed already.

Secondly, the physical preparation is a lot different – one would think swimming 150 yards is no big deal. After running 5K and biking for twelve miles, the body gets exhausted, and I could barely keep above water. Lesson learned, get some more endurance swimming sessions!

Having had a taste of triathlons, it is definitely something I’d like to try again. My time was 1 hour and 14 minutes. Next up, I’ll try the Temecula reverse tri.

Let’s do this!

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